US Air Force Awards Contract to Bambu Vault, (the research arm of Canopy Defense), as Part of Air Force Pitch Day

SafeSight™ technology recognized for ability to protect and provide in-field warfare advantage to forces during night-time operations

Lowell MA, March 26th, 2019 – Bambu Vault, the research arm of Canopy Defense, announced today that it has been awarded a fast-track contract by the US Air Force as part of their inaugural Pitch Day, held March 6-7, 2019, in New York City.  Bambu Vault will use the funding to further refine and test its SafeSight™ light conversion technology.  This game-changing technology dramatically increases force safety during night or restricted light operations by eliminating visible light from digital devices and headlights, when not required or desired, and converting it to a tuned IR signal only visible under advanced night vision technologies.

The award was granted as part of the Small Business Innovation Research Program in which the Air Force partners with small businesses to help further national security in air, space, and cyberspace. “We were honored to be selected to participate in Air Force Pitch Day and are excited to earn an award,” said Dr. Charles Stuppard, General Manager of Canopy Defense, who presented the technology ‘shark tank style’ to the panel.  “Awards such as these are incredibly important for fostering technology development with small businesses and government agencies.  This contract validates our technological advantage and the years of investment made.  It will directly advance the commercialization efforts and provide in-field samples to the Air Force to test in real-world situations.  We are already focused on the next phase and dedicated to getting these life-saving technologies into the hands of our military markets and beyond.”

Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen W. Wilson emphasized that lowering barriers to access and empowering people – whether small businesses, industry, research labs or academia – allows the Air Force to deliver speed of capability to the battlefield. “Events such as Pitch Day allow us to connect small businesses to the operator, then to a real problem, and bring those two together to build a partnership,” said General Wilson.

Bambu Vault, and its commercialization subsidiary Canopy Defense, offer a range of electromagnetic solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of military personnel and assets.  SafeSight protects forces during night-time operations when emitted light from digital devices or headlights makes them a beacon and target for the enemy.  SafeSight converts this light into infrared, so that it can only be seen with aided optics and remains invisible to the enemy. The technology provides a tremendous advantage and unique edge to forces in the field.

About Bambu Vault

Bambu Vault serves as the IP creation, repository, and licensing company for Bambu Global and its family of companies. Bambu Vault develops and protects four technology platforms:  self-powered lighting solutions; energy conversion; stimulus-triggered molecular change; and signature management.  Each of these platforms is used to create multiple technologies for a variety of industries.  Bambu Vault is entrusted with keeping these technologies safe, while also making them available to the world where they can realize their potential to enhance and save lives.  For more information, visit

About Canopy Defense

Canopy Defense develops electromagnetic solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of defense operations.  Canopy offers a portfolio of innovative solutions, including signature management, light conversion, photoluminescent technology, dynamic camouflage, heat-reflecting cool paint and high efficiency biofriendly lighting.  For more information, please visit

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