The 11 Startups to Watch in Lowell

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Inque, Press Release

At BostInno, we have our pulse on Boston’s thriving, robust innovation ecosystem. However, we don’t often get to take our attention away from the metro region. We wanted to shine the spotlight on startups that are laying down the blueprint for building innovation hubs across the state.

So, in our latest “Inno on the Road” series, we’ve decided to highlight companies 35 miles north of Boston in the mill city of Lowell. The featured 11 startups below are trailblazers in their own right. One is pioneering a new type of tattoo, disrupting industry thousands of years old. Another is designing a new way to treat lame horses. Still, another is incubating fashion startups. All are leading the way in putting Lowell on the Bay State’s innovation map. Meet all 11 Startups on Thursday, October 10 at our Startups to Watch event presented by UMass Lowell. You can grab tickets here.



It’s not often that a startup comes along with hopes of disrupting an age-old industry like tattoo design. INQUE is here to let everyone know that tattoos don’t have to be permanent—they can evolve and change.

The startup has developed a type of ink that can be quickly and easily erased. The ink, which INQUE says is healthier than traditional tattoo ink, is based on the technology used at Polaroid, the camera and film company. INQUE’s ink contains dyes in small capsules to make removal easier. The company plans to open “skin art and wellness” stores in the greater Boston area in the second half of 2020.

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