Reducing Heat and Saving Costs
What Makes NYGRA Coating Disruptive


Reduces building heat 30%


80% thinner coat


75% longer lasting
Uniquely, Nygra addresses the global challenge of the sun.  In certain territories and geographies of the world, buildings, vehicles, and aircraft equipment are unable to cope with the extreme impact of the sun’s heat.  Nygra has developed a truly disruptive range of products that are impervious to dramatic temperature fluctuations.  Unlike any other paint or material product on the market today, Nygra’s patented technology genuinely repels heat-causing IR radiation, dramatically reducing cooling costs and the impact of heat exposure in hot climates.

Nygra helps commercial buildings, automobile paints and military aircraft withstand hot temperatures. The technology has the ability to dramatically reduce air conditioning costs in buildings by eliminating the effects of the sun on temperature control, it allows drivers to sit in sun-drenched cars without overheating as the heat is repelled away from the vehicle, and enables aircraft to carry more fuel.

Unlike traditional bright white, titanium dioxide solutions that are on the market today, our product does not reflect damaging heat onto neighboring buildings and it does not crack and collect dirt resulting in it breaking down in months.  Our product is applied in one thin 2mm layer, in any color (including the most challenging – black) and will remain fully functional and efficient for up to 10 years without the need for reapplication.

We have a truly market disruptive and enhanced solution that addresses the failures of lesser products on the market.  Our efforts now are focused on the compliance and certification testing and validation of the product across the various industries and to ramp up pilot, test and customer sites internationally.

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