Revolutionary Cool Coating Technology

What Makes NYGRA Coating Disruptive


Unmatched Durability


Easy to Apply, Thin 2 Mil Coat


Multiple Color Options – Even Black

Reduce building heat by up to 40% with the only cool roof coating that lasts.

Nygra Coatings is disrupting the cool paint industry with a game changing heat-reducing cool coating technology designed to cut energy costs and extend the life of almost any surface under the sun. Our coatings repel heat-causing IR radiation, drastically reducing air conditioning requirements in any climate. This innovative technology can reduce both surface temperatures and internal ambient temperatures by 35-degrees or more. Our patented formulation comes in any color with a single 2 mil coat delivering an energy-efficient barrier that lasts 75% longer than traditional cool coatings.

We have a truly market disruptive and enhanced solution that addresses the failures of lesser products. Our efforts now are focused on commercializing this product in the market.

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