Disrupting a 10,000 Year-Old Industry

What Makes INQUE Disruptive


Skin Art Can be Turned Off


Healthier and Safer Ink


An Inspirational Experience

Permanent Tattoos That Can Be, Simply, Turned Off

INQUE is a radically new tattoo skin art experience. INQUE is bringing a healthier permanent ink, applied through conventional means by the best artists, in premium retail locations. Our skin art can be quickly and easily turned off giving you the ability to finally have the tattoo you’ve always wanted with the freedom to change it as your story evolves. Embrace it, evolve it, erase it!

We’re starting a revolution in skin art.  Our technology is proven and ready and the locations are coming. We believe that ‘Every Body Has A Story’ so we’re challenging the world to tell theirs–about the tattoo they love, or would love to get.  To join the revolution and tell your story, or to just learn more, visit INQUEmystory.com.

Transforming a 10,000 year old industry

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