Disrupting a 10,000 Year-Old Industry
What Makes INQUE Disruptive




Painless removal


We have developed and patented the world’s only skin tissue imaging system that is able to provide a safer, permanent tattoo experience that has the unique ability to have its image turned off painlessly if and when the customer so desires without the need for painful, unreliable and dangerous high energy laser techniques or grafts.

Innovative pathways into body art, permanent makeup and medical tattoos, INQUE is uniquely positioned to be the leader in all areas related to marking the skin with ink with a focus on choice, wellness and safety.

Having the knowledge that permanent tattoo can be removed using our brilliant INQUE system, a customer is now empowered; and with the knowledge that should one change their mind or feel as though they may in the future want to change their tattoo.

INQUE-Spots™ will make their mark on the world through a global retail and franchise footprint.

Transforming a 10,000 year old industry

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