Inno On The Road: Showcasing Four Lowell, Lawrence Startups

At BostInno, amidst the hustle and bustle that is reporting on the local ecosystem, we run across stories of all kinds: News about mega funding rounds, major exits, significant mergers and acquisitions and startups emerging from stealth.

But often, the most exciting ideas, technologies and companies are a work-in-progress. We aim to raise the curtain on and introduce companies that are poised to make big strides in their industry, having met certain milestones and well on their way to more accomplishments.


Tabashir Health

The Hindi word ‘Tabashir’ refers to a siliceous concretion in the joints of the bamboo valued in the East Indies as a medicine.

Named aptly by its parent company, Bambu Global, Lowell startup Tabashir Health specializes in precision medicine with its stimulus-triggered therapeutics platform. Simply put, a remote control mechanism to control and apply localized treatment. In oncology, for example, where patients are administered drugs intravenously, the startup’s drug delivery mechanism can control and activate the medicine locally to attack the tumor alone. Tabashir Health does this using light as the stimulus with medical-grade lasers. The company has tested its product on humans through its sister company, INQUE, which specializes in easy and safe tattoo removal. In September, the startup raised $2.5 million in debt financing and is shifting its focus to the field of oncology.

Bambu Way

Another startup under the  Bambu Global umbrella, Bambu Way provides luminescent dyes, films, paints that provide “light in darkness.” The startup has patented its phosphor technology, which it claims can produce “light without electricity.” Its applications: road signs, painted road markings, promotional bill boards, running apparel, stair treads, emergency railings and paths to emergency exits. Bambu Way has completed successful pilots with brands like Ford, New Balance and also the Chicago Transit Authority.

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