Heat Island is not your next vacation destination

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Blog, Nygra Coating

During Heat Waves, the “Heat Island Index” Makes Things Hotter for Cities

The Heat Index or the “Apparent Temperature,” is the measure of how hot it feels when relative to temperature and humidity. For example, when the temperature hits 100°F and carries a 65% humidity factor, temperature to the human body feels like 136°F.

The Heat Index is exacerbated with the concentration of people in cities.  Dr. Glenn Horner of Bambu Global said, “The heat index is, absolutely, a concern and should definitely be top of mind for individuals across the country. But the real issue, where Nygra Coatings can provide a positive impact, is with regards to the Heat Island.”

The Heat Island that Dr. Horner is referring to is when the sun hits a roof or other flat surface, much of that heat is absorbed and eventually emitted into the surrounding environment. In the case of a roof, the heat can be transferred to the building below, increasing internal temperatures and driving up cooling costs.

As a major concern in certain densely populated areas, a Heat Island occurs when cities experience much warmer temperatures than that of the nearby rural areas. The difference between the temperature between urban and less-developed areas has to do with how well the surfaces in each environment absorb and hold heat. And within these highly developed areas, there is limited reflective components to repel heat away. While white objects reflect all wavelengths of light, black, brown and grey colors that sit atop materials like asphalt, steel and brick, absorb wavelengths of light energy and convert them into heat, much of what we see as the colors in developed structures. A recent trend to drastically reduce or eliminate this problem, cities have begun “lightening” streets by applying reflective gray coatings. This has led to a drop in urban air temperatures dramatically, especially in summer months. The rapid increase in high temps pose major challenges to facility, equipment and asset managers when it comes to the high cost of energy – especially as it relates to heating and cooling.

Queue Nygra Coatings.

Nygra Coatings, a subsidiary of Bambu Global, has developed a disruptive cool paint technology designed to reduce heat, cut energy costs and extend the life of most any surface under the sun.

Nygra’s coatings dramatically reduce temperatures and air conditioning requirements by repelling heat-causing IR radiation. Their innovative technology can reduce both surface temperatures and internal ambient temperatures by 35°F or more compared to other products within the market.

Because of the versatility in the application of Nygra Coatings products, the ability to reduce the level of heat on any surface becomes a reality in every situation. With its 20-year guarantee, facility and asset managers are choosing Nygra Coatings because its ability to lower temperatures, help increase occupants comfort level and last 2x longer than other products within the industry.

With all of these properties considered, Nygra coatings offers a best in class solution and is the most innovative and effective reflective coating on the market today.

For more information contact info@nygracoatings.com.

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