Greener, Smarter Lights to Headline LIGHTFAIR – a Q&A with Satish Agrawal of Aurea Lighting

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Later this month, the latest, most innovative lighting companies and solutions will be on display at the annual LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) event, the preeminent architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. Each year, LFI brings together trend setters, industry-leading lighting companies and lighting experts to demonstrate the technologies shaping the industry, and the new innovations that will change how we illuminate our world into the future.

One of the many lighting companies that will be demonstrating their products and solutions at this year’s event is Aurea Lighting, an innovator of high efficiency, healthy LED lighting solutions.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Satish Agrawal, PhD, the CEO of Bambu Vault, the research arm for Aurea Lighting. During our discussion, we asked Satish about the company, what differentiates Aurea Lighting’s solutions in a crowded lighting marketplace and some of the top trends in lighting that will be topics of conversation at this year’s LIGHTFAIR.

Here is what he had to say:

Modern Equipment Manufacturer (MEM): Can you tell our readers a bit about Aurea Lighting?

Satish Agrawal: Aurea Lighting develops healthy LED lighting.  Traditional LED lights revolutionized how to deliver light with less power to meet visual needs. However, there is new understanding that LED light can have a profound effect on our health, due to our non-visual response.

Aurea solves this problem by offering tunable lighting that improves both psychological (visual) and biological (non-visual) health, while still maintaining energy efficiency. Our lighting can improve worker productivity, increase student alertness, enhance patient recovery, and even improve plant yields in horticultural settings.

MEM: What differentiates Aurea Lighting solutions from other lighting solutions on the market?

Satish Agrawal: Aurea has the unique ability to change the spectrum of the light to enhance the desired physiologic response.  For example, during the day, our lighting can increase alertness and productivity. At night, it can increase feelings of restfulness and support melatonin production, which is an important disease fighting agent.

This is achieved by converting existing high efficiency blue LEDs into healthy light–¬without sacrificing light quality or energy efficiency. Other industry players are trying to address biological health by using multiple LEDs (red, green, violet, and multiple blues), however, this results in a significant loss of energy efficiency and is very expensive.

Others claim to have human-centric solutions; however, they are simply addressing the visual response to light by adjusting color temperature. Although color temperature can impact our mood, it does not address our non-visual response and thus our biological health.

MEM: How big of a deal is energy efficiency in the lighting industry today? How is the demand for increased efficiency impacted the solutions that companies like Aurea Lighting are producing?

Satish Agrawal: Energy efficiency is at the core of everything we do. We know that there is a demand for healthy LED lighting, however, it has been a non-starter within the industry because the existing solutions are not energy efficient. Aurea Lighting has been able to achieve this with its unique, patented energy conversion technology.

MEM: Is Aurea Lighting cloud-enabling their devices today? If not, are their plans to do so in the future?

Satish Agrawal: Cloud enablement is definitely on Aurea’s roadmap.  We will be introducing a tunable light where we can optimize the intensity and duration of the light based on the time of the day, lighting conditions, customer preference, or even weather conditions.

MEM: What are you looking forward to most at Lightfair? What can attendees expect from Aurea Lighting at this year’s show?

Satish Agrawal: Aurea is excited to be debuting its Healthy Daytime and Nighttime LED lighting at LIGHTFAIR.  As experts and the public are becoming increasingly aware of the health consequences of LED light, we think that there will be a lot of buzz about healthy lighting solutions at the show.

We are involved in a great deal of research in this area and are looking forward to contributing to the conversation and general knowledge base. In fact, we’ll be presenting at the special forum on Light and Health on Wednesday May 22nd at 10AM. During that special forum, Shadab Rahman, PhD, MPH, an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and I will be presenting, “The Role of Tunable Lighting in Optimizing Human Physiology.”

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