Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Location: Lowell, MA

You shall perform your duties faithfully and diligently, and as directed by the Company to the best of your ability.  You shall devote your entire business and working time, attention, skill, and best efforts to performing such duties.

You will be focused on quality, proactivity, reliability and a superb attention to detail will be the core of your operating practices and the ability to identify, secure and close new business opportunities will be at the heart of your operating principles.

This role requires an individual with the personal confidence, creativity, task completing techniques and an attention to accuracy, details and professionalism to operate in our fast-moving company where complete clarity is not always obvious.

Duties include, but not limited to:

Provide administrative support as part of administrative team, supporting a Senior Administrative Manager and multiple executives to include:

  • Manage and prioritize internal and external communications including emails, conference calls, meetings, preparation of agendas and other communication materials for internal and external use
  • Manage executives’ calendars
  • Prepare, create and modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Prioritize conflicting needs with great judgment, handle matters expeditiously, proactively, and follows-through on projects to successful completion, often with deadline pressure
  • Provide back-up phone support to main switchboard, and route them to the appropriate person
  • Coordinate and manage special projects and events and assist in preparation of meeting materials
  • Manage the Company social media presence. Post regularly based on communications calendar
  • Monitor and respond to mentions and messages.   Continuously find new ways to keep our social media marketing interesting and relevant
  • Work with Sales and Marketing to develop and support the tradeshows and events.  Coordinate logistics and deliverables such as booking booth and meeting space; tracking expenses; creating registration badges; managing housing; ordering SWAG; packing and shipping exhibition materials; and inventorying returned materials
  • Manage inventory and printing of marketing collateral, business cards and other required materials
  • Assist in development and sending of internal company communications, such as newsletters etc.
  • Maintain the quality and integrity of our contact database.  Ensure proper lead routing from Marketing to Sales via Salesforce and other platforms as required
  • Conduct and assemble market research data.
  • Coordinate with leadership and team members as required to setup demo room for sales, customer and partner meetings
  • Management of customer, partner and supplier NDA’s using systems and databases in place
  • Coordinate and manage Patent/Trademarks filing database with guidance from the technology team
  • Scheduling of necessary customers appointments
  • Perform other administrative tasks as assigned
  • Support team as needed


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