Postdoctoral Position (Particle Technology)

Location: Lowell, MA

Department: Biotechnology

Employer: Bambu Vault

Posted 9-30-19

A postdoctoral research fellowship position is available at Bambu Vault, Lowell, MA starting immediately. This appointment will be at the rank of industrial postdoctoral fellow at Bambu Vault in Lowell, MA. The facility is located close to the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and provides an excellent environment for developing and translating new optical technologies with applications in biology and medicine.

The position will focus on the designing and synthesizing particles (micro- and nanoparticles) encapsulating light-responsive molecules that can be used with our advanced light-based technology for applications in trauma, surgery and onco-medicine. Over the past several years, Bambu Vault has developed and synthesized several light responsive molecules that can be incorporated in a wide range of materials for a variety of applications. The goal of this research position is to design and synthesize particles encapsulating our new light-responsive molecules that can be used for the applications in trauma, surgery and oncomedicine.

This position will be interdisciplinary, spanning from chemical engineering, chemistry to prototype testing and implementation. The hired particle technology postdoctoral fellow will work closely with a team of synthetic chemists and biomedical engineers. We are seeking a highly motivated, creative candidate with expertise in particle synthesis and characterization. Prior experience synthesizing micro/nano particles is required. Experience in material chemistry, material characterization, and quantitative data analysis is highly desired, but not a requirement. Prior experience in translational research projects is additionally highly desirable.

Requirements: A Ph.D. in chemical engineering, chemistry, biomedical engineering or related fields is required. Experience in particle synthesis is required. 0-2 years experience.

Contact: Interested candidates should send their detailed CV, a cover letter describing training and research experience, and the names and contact information of three references. Please address correspondence to Dr. Prakash Rai, and send by email to Dr. Rai ( with the subject of “Particle Technology Postdoctoral Position”.

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