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At Canopy, the mission is to make military operations more efficient, save lives, and enable our military personnel to return home, uninjured and safe.  We control the electromagnetic signature, resulting in a range of solutions that ensure the safety and efficiency of military personnel and assets.  Our solutions encompass six broad technology areas:

Signature Management – Sponsored and tested by AATD, our solution manages the infrared signature of aircraft and other vehicles to conceal them from enemy threats and observation even with the latest night vision technology.  We hide what needs to be hidden and make visible what needs to be seen.

Heat Reflecting Cool Paint – Dramatically reduces the inside temperatures of structures and vehicles as as well as outside surface temperatures, thereby maximizing the value of energy resources and minimizing risk.

High Efficiency Human-Centric Lighting –  Significantly reduces energy costs, while improving personnel performance.  Uniquely capable of manipulating the light spectrum to align the body clock for daytime alertness and nighttime sleep enhancement.

Photoluminescent Technology – Keeps personnel safe in any environment, inside or out.  Photoluminescent paint provides ‘light without electricity’ for 10-12 hours. IR-emitting photoluminescent materials enable identification in darkness.

SafeSight™ for Light Suppression or Conversion into IR – Eliminates detection and identification by controlling signature from any light source, such as electronic devices and headlamps.

Dynamic Camouflage – Keeps personnel and military assets safe by adapting the visual hue of uniforms and vehicles to the surrounding environment.

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