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Lifesaving Solutions
What Makes Canopy Defense Disruptive


Reduce signatures of visible assets


Saves Lives


Dynamic camouflage
Canopy Defense has been covertly supporting military applications for a number of years under controlled and secure clearance status.  Our dynamic camouflage technologies have been proven to provide specialized spectral solutions for military grade land, sea, and air operations, that can adapt their visibility to environmental changes in real time.

Our technologies are able to eliminate visibility of assets, personnel, vehicles and only make them visible through specific wavelength military equipment giving unique, reliable and highly efficient advantages to our forces and their allies.

We continue to invest in disruptive and life-saving solutions and at Canopy Defense we developed our technologies with the explicit intent of saving lives and enabling more of our troops to return home, uninjured and safe.

We are on the journey to fulfill that ambition and mission and will continue to innovate, invent and deliver.

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