Light Without Electricity
What Makes Bambu Way Disruptive


Light without electricity


Five unique colors


Shines 50% longer (up to 10 hours)

In a disaster situation, or in any dark, challenging environment where light is needed, we can light the way… to safe passage, to the best seat in the house, to the way home. Using our proprietary “Light without Electricity” patented phosphor technology, Bambu Way provides luminescence dyes, films, paints that provide light in darkness and uniquely we can do so in any color. Unlike simple glow-in-the-dark products, our brighter and longer-lasting photoluminescent materials can be applied to many different products and surfaces needing to be illuminated in the dark.

We can brighten the night on road signs and painted road markings, promotional bill boards, running apparel, stair treads, emergency railings and paths to emergency exits. No matter how big the venue or application, our patented solutions have proven to provide light in the darkness.

We have piloted and tested the technology with some global brands (Ford, New Balance, Chicago Transit Authority etc.)  and have successfully proven the capabilities. We are now focused on leveraging those experiences into global applications with a strategy to enhance our manufacturing capabilities, increase the disruptive features and new material science combined with a focused sales and marketing strategy.

Chicago Transit Authority

Using luminescence paint to make emergency evacuation safer

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