Bambu Vault Announces Appointment of Former Polaroid Chief Technology Officer Dr. Satish Agrawal as Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Agrawal provides tremendous expertise and leadership during time of significant growth

LOWELL, MA – December 4, 2018 – Bambu Vault, a subsidiary of Bambu Global, today announced that Dr. Satish Agrawal has been appointed CEO.  For the past 14 years, Dr. Agrawal served as Chief Technology Officer at Bambu Global.

Bambu Vault functions as the IP creation, repository, and licensing company for Bambu Global and its family of companies (collectively “Bambu”).  Bambu Vault has created broad technology platforms, from which market disruptive products have been, and continue to be, developed, licensed, and commercialized either at Bambu Global companies or outside licensees.  Products to date span a broad spectrum of vertical markets from biofriendly lighting solutions, lifesaving healthcare applications, and a revolutionary new permanent tattoo ink that not only has improved color brilliance, permanence, and safety but also can have its color switched off instantaneously without pain.  In his new role, Dr. Agrawal will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Bambu intellectual property estate development, management, and licensing.

“Satish has played a pivotal role in the development of a range of disruptive technologies involving light and color.  His pioneering mindset and technology savvy have positioned Bambu to have a truly positive impact in a variety of industries.  Satish is a legacy himself, and his technological expertise, as well as his strong leadership skills, make him the obvious choice to lead Bambu Vault, especially at such an important time in the company’s growth,” said Bambu Global CEO Robb Osinski.

“I am honored to be named CEO at Bambu Vault,” added Dr. Agrawal.  “This is an exciting time for the Bambu Global family of companies.  Our technologies have the potential to do enormous good, and Bambu Vault has the important role of nurturing them, making them available to the world, and protecting the IP behind them.”

Dr. Agrawal has been a critical contributor to the development and success of Bambu’s technology portfolio.  During his 14-year tenure as CTO, Dr. Agrawal has led a team of scientists and engineers to create four technology platforms, each of which can create multiple products for and disrupt a variety of industries. Some notable examples are: high-efficiency LED lighting for industrial, residential, commercial and horticultural applications; a novel tattoo ink imaging system with painless color eradication; high persistence full-color spectrum photoluminescent products with many applications beyond uses in emergency egress; and a multitude of defense applications such as signature management and covert information processing.

Dr. Agrawal spent 30 years at Polaroid as their Group Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Here, his activities embraced the entire spectrum of technology and product development activity from formulation of business strategy, to development, manufacturing, and product launch for all Polaroid’s businesses and regions. He managed an R&D Budget of over $250 Million and team of 2,000 people. Notable amongst his accomplishments was the development of the only Instant Photographic Technology Platform, which has formed the foundation of every instant product since the mid-1980s.   In addition to his time at Polaroid, Dr. Agrawal founded and sold an imaging company, SiPix Imaging, Inc.

About Bambu Vault

Within the Bambu Global hierarchy, Bambu Vault serves as the IP storage and licensing company.  Bambu Vault develops and protects four technology platforms:  self-powered lighting solutions; energy conversion; stimulus-triggered molecular change; and signature management.  Each of these platforms is used to create multiple technologies for a variety of industries.  Bambu Vault is entrusted with keeping these technologies safe, while also making them available to the world where they can realize their potential to enhance and save lives.

About Bambu Global

Bambu Global is a family of innovative companies with a portfolio of advanced technologies designed to disrupt the life science, lighting, renewable energy, safety, tattoo and defense industries throughout the world. Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution, Bambu Global draws on the inspiration of the city’s rich history and the brightest minds of technology-rich Massachusetts to advance its mission. With a creative perspective and cross-discipline team of scientists, Bambu Global is advancing disruptive technologies to “improve life throughout the world™.” Learn more about Bambu Global at


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