World’s First and Only Patented Biofriendly Lighting Solution
What Makes AUREA Lighting disruptive


Truly biofriendly lighting


Reduce energy use by 50%


Convert light
vs filter
Employing our innovative phosphor films, Aurea develops, markets and sells enhanced and disruptive LED lighting solutions to a variety of industrial, commercial, automotive and horticultural industries.   Our solutions can be tuned to provide warm light that produces a healthier, more welcoming and calming environment.

We have developed patented technology and proven the capability to transform light energy rather than merely filtering it. The result is a range of LED light products which are very light and extremely low profile with slick wiring and robust designs that costs less to manufacture and to operate. We have further enhanced our solution to custom tune our lights for use in the indoor horticultural market, increasing yield and slashing operating costs because our lights generate far less heat energy.

As we now look to take our superior designs and capability to market, our focus is on prioritizing development, volume manufacturing and a robust sales and marketing strategy.

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