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Aurea Lighting Achieves DLC Premium Rating For World-Leading Range of LED Lighting Solutions

Delivering Maximum Rebates for Customers with High Efficiency Lighting Panels

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Aurea Lighting, Lighting

LOWELL, MA – November 28, 2018 – Aurea Lighting, a subsidiary of Bambu Global, and a market leader in high efficiency and biofriendly LED lighting solutions, today announced that its DLC Premium certified light panels will be available in early Q1 2019.  The DLC Premium rating is reserved for the highest efficacy and efficiency products and guarantees the maximum utility rebates.

Aurea Lighting comes in a range of panel sizes which deliver up to 4500 lumens with energy efficiency greater than 125 lumens per watt. This high efficiency results in dramatically lower electricity costs. This, combined with the maximum rebates for DLC Premium certification, makes Aurea panels one of the most cost-effective lighting solutions on the market today.

In addition to excellent efficiency, Aurea’s edge-lit panel optics produce low glare and uniform illumination. Aurea lighting panels are remarkably thin (16mm) making them an excellent solution for narrow wall or ceiling mounts. They can also be suspended for a more stylish look.

Aurea’s panel and recessed lighting products can be used in residential as well as any large-scale commercial facility.  They are designed for easy installation, durability, and strong performance.  The company’s robust manufacturing capabilities enable it to easily scale volume for any commercial, medical, or military installation.

“After years of technology and product development, we are thrilled to kick off our disruptive product lines with the highest efficiency rating from the Design Lights Consortium,” said Robb Osinski, CEO.   “At Aurea, we’re continually pushing the limits of what lighting can do to improve lives by pioneering new lighting solutions that substantially reduce energy usage and create healthier environments.  In particular, our unique ability to tune the light spectrum, unlike mainstream LED lighting, has the potential to enhance the biological, emotional, and health of living creatures (both humans and plants) and we’re excited to lead the way in this new lighting frontier.”

Aurea’s patented LED lighting technology platform transforms light into any color rather than merely filtering it.  The result is range of LED products that are not only more efficient but also can be tuned to provide an optimal spectrum for a variety of needs such as daytime and nighttime biofriendly lighting and plant-specific horticultural lighting.  Aurea’s first daytime biofriendly solution, using a single-channel LED and maintaining high lumen output, will be in full compliance with daytime circadian rhythms for a healthier, more welcoming, and calming environment, resulting in improved productivity for humans.

To learn more, visit the Aurea Lighting and Bambu Global booth (#1316) at ABX 2018 in Boston MA, from November 28-29, 2018.

About Aurea Lighting

Aurea develops, markets, and sells enhanced and disruptive LED lighting solutions that can be used in a variety of industrial, commercial, automotive, and horticultural applications. Aurea’s patented conversion films don’t merely filter light – they transform it into any color desired. The result is a range of LED products that are not only more efficient, but also can be tuned to provide optimal biofriendly lighting solutions.   Aurea Lighting is a subsidiary of Bambu Global.

About Bambu Global

Bambu Global is a family of innovative companies with a portfolio of advanced technologies designed to disrupt the life science, lighting, renewable energy, safety, tattoo and defense industries throughout the world. Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution, Bambu Global draws on the inspiration of the city’s rich history and the brightest minds of technology-rich Massachusetts to advance its mission. With a creative perspective and cross-discipline team of scientists, Bambu Global is advancing disruptive technologies to “improve life throughout the world™.” Learn more about Bambu Global at www.BambuGlobal.com.