Satish Agrawal, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Satish Agrawal serves as Chief Technology Officer of Bambu Global. Prior to joining Bambu in January 2004, Dr. Agrawal was an Imaging Consultant and had previously founded and eventually sold SiPix Imaging, Inc.



During his 14 year tenure, Dr. Agrawal has led a team of scientists & engineers to create four technology platforms, each of which can create multiple products for a variety of industries. Some notable examples are: high-efficiency LED lighting for industrial, residential, commercial & horticultural applications; novel tattoo ink (full color-CMYK) imaging system with, as desired, painless color eradication; high persistence full color spectrum photo luminescent products for use in emergency egress, nighttime helicopter landings, real estate, signage, billboards, textiles etc.; multitude of defense applications such as signature management and covert information processing.

Dr. Agrawal spent approximately 30 years at Polaroid as their Group Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. At Polaroid, Dr. Agrawal’s activities embraced the entire spectrum of product development activity from formulation of business strategy, to development, manufacturing, and product launch for all Polaroid’s businesses and regions. At Polaroid, Dr Agrawal managed an R & D Budget of $250 Million and an R&D team of 2,000 people, comprising 150 Ph.Ds. Notable amongst his accomplishments was the development of the only other Instant Photographic Technology Platform which has formed the foundation of every instant product since the mid-1980s. He coordinates all aspects of the Bambu technology development activities and intellectual property estate management.