Betty Gower

Chief Marketing Officer


Betty is the Vice President of Marketing at Bambu Global.  



Betty Gower is a marketing leader with more than a decade of senior experience in general marketing, strategy, corporate branding, and communications. With a strong understanding of the customer, Betty has succeeded in enduring branding such as the Universal logo and industry leading strategy such as the Kaiser Permanente ACA rollout. With measurable success in reaching the customer, Betty has developed regional, global and multinational campaigns. For implementations, she has sourced and built efficient international teams and functions effectively in three languages. Betty has diverse experience from healthcare and technology to oil and gas, in consumer packaged goods, and in broadcast and digital media. Betty Gower achieves success by deploying data-driven approaches that build focus and collaboration among leadership, business development and sales teams. Betty’s background includes work with Fortune 100 companies, private equity, agencies and startups.