Glenn Horner

Vice President, Facility Security Officer


Glenn is the VP and Facility Security Officer at Bambu Global. 

Dr. Horner is a Vice President at Bambu Vault. He was a founder and inventor of the founding intellectual property of Altranex Energy, a company developing new biofuels for demanding applications. He was a founder of Aprilis, Inc., a developer of holographic data storage and biometric technologies. Dr. Horner also held a variety of technical and managerial positions at Polaroid over twelve years, most recently in the dual role of Program Manager and Department Manager in the R&D division. In that capacity he led R&D activities in polymer chemistry to support both existing and new business needs. Dr. Horner also invented a dye-based system for laser protection that was fielded for Desert Storm for goggles and gas mask inserts for military personnel. His invention led to $20M in sales to the US Army and Marine Corps.