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Aurea is changing the lighting landscape with brilliantly healthy LED light panels that maintain energy efficiency while maximizing the health of those under them. Only Aurea uses a patented high-efficiency, patented dye film to convert traditional high-efficiency blue LED light into a light that is perfectly in sync with our body’s psychological and biological needs. Our solution, while maintaining energy efficiency, eliminates the unintended health drawbacks of traditional LED lighting.

Aurea offers the first LED that can be tuned to meet the visible (photopic) and invisible (melanopic) light exposure needs of all living organisms. We used to get what we needed from the sun — but then we started spending time inside and under artificial light. Aurea delivers a brilliant and energizing light you can see while offering the invisible stimulus that maintains our circadian rhythm — the natural internal clock that controls proper sleep and alertness. And unlike other solutions, we do it by converting (not filtering) existing blue LED so you do not sacrifice energy efficiency. The result is a proven and tested solution that’s lighting the way for more alert students, better prepared healthcare workers and more productive staff.

As we now look to take our superior designs and capability to market, our focus is on prioritizing development, volume manufacturing and a robust sales and marketing strategy.

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