When applied to surfaces, Nygra Coatings reflect the sun’s IR bands and greatly reduce both internal and external temperature. These robust and lightweight coatings facilitate lower cooling costs, strengthen the integrity of applied surfaces, and are available in any color.
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Healthy LED lighting systems for commercial, agricultural, and residential environments that reshape light to your preferences. Proprietary high-efficiency conversion films don’t just filter light – they transform it, providing greater clarity, lower energy consumption, and less excess heat.
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Dynamic signature management and camouflage technology provides specialized spectral solutions for land, sea, and air operations, adapting to environmental changes in real time. Advance TTL and IFF indicators in both that greatly enhance visible and invisible force protection.
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Creating light without electricity, our novel phosphor technology absorbs ambient light and emits photoluminescent light in any color. Perfect for illuminating commercial signage, safety & egress wayfinding routes, and athletic apparel.
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Lifesaving innovations in health care and life sciences. Pioneering Biotechnology and Medical Devices in Oncology, Dermatology, Cardiology and Aesthetics.
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The future of tattoos is here today, gone tomorrow. Revolutionary tattoo inks allow tattoos to be “turned off” and disappear with a single painless laser treatment. Next-generation ink formulations leverage proprietary compositions that are healthy and come in a range of vibrant colors.
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Mission Statement

At our very core, Bambu Global is a company with a heritage born out of the Polaroid vision that current and future technological breakthroughs will occur at the intersections of the sciences.

We as scientists and entrepreneurs working across and within boundaries of science and engineering together with influential universities around the world, create groundbreaking technologies by deploying our unique capability to manipulate the electromagnetic energy spectrum, both in the visible and invisible light domains.

We market our patented products, through discrete companies, to many industry sectors needing a major reboot. Unlike traditional businesses that make incremental updates to mainstream products, we rethink their very core, so a variety of products can be made safer, brighter, more productive or healthier. More specifically, our patented products address sustainability, commercial and horticultural lighting, workplace safety, targeted healthcare, defense and even tattoo body art.

Bambu Global has been nurturing our science and ideas for many years and we are now ready to disrupt the markets we serve.


Bambu’s companies span many industries, and are poised to deliver disruptive products that will push the pace of innovation forward.

When applied to surfaces, Nygra Coatings reflect the sun’s IR bands and greatly reduce both internal and external temperature...
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Healthy LED lighting systems for commercial, agricultural, and residential environments that reshape light to your preferences...
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Dynamic signature management and camouflage technology provides specialized spectral solutions for land, sea, and...
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Creating light without electricity, our novel phosphor technology absorbs ambient light and emits photoluminescent light in any color...
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Lifesaving innovations in health care and life sciences. Pioneering Biotechnology and Medical Devices in Oncology, Dermatology...
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The future of tattoos is here today, gone tomorrow. Revolutionary tattoo inks allow tattoos to be “turned off” and disappear...
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Certain species of bamboo start life underground. Unseen, they spread out and grow stronger. When they’re ready, they burst from the ground and shoot skyward with vigor and purpose.

One of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboo is stronger than steel and endlessly renewable. It serves billions of people in myriad ways – shelter, life saver, building material, and even food. So too Bambu Global.

Our cross-discipline teams of scientists have been nurturing technology companies that are now ready to burst forth to disrupt the markets we serve: lighting, safety, defense, healthcare, renewable energy, and even tattoos that can be made to disappear.

We invite you to learn more about each of Bambu’s offshoots. Quickly – before we grow again.

What technological breakthrough are you most excited about?

Many of the scientists did their original work at Polaroid, inventing products requiring the modulation (or manipulation) of the electromagnetic spectrum (light) into a revolutionary consumer product, e.g. instant photography. Former Polaroid CTO Satish Agrawal and many on his team came to PI, now called Bambu Global, and they are still modulating light energy into other paradigm-changing useful products. Already the breakthroughs are numerous and have led to many fascinating and hopefully disruptive technologies. The first ever non-carcinogenic permanent tattoo ink that can have its color “turned off.” Structural coatings that reflect the sun’s IR heat-causing waves, so buildings stay cooler - much cooler. Inexpensive films that shield consumers from potentially dangerous blue light emitted from most electronic devices. In addition to several secret military applications we can’t publicly disclose. As far as a favorite? Each science team at Bambu Global believes theirs is the very best - so there is no consensus!

What is Bambu Global?

We are well beyond the incubator stage, and like the bamboo plant, we have been nurturing great technologies behind the scenes and are now set to soar into the world. We are working within commercial, government and education markets to deliver a collection of Satish’s private stock of ideas - each revolving around manipulating and modulating the color energy spectrum.

We hybridize the sciences across many technical disciplines including chemistry, solid state physics and biology. We’ll be rolling out extremely disruptive solutions for many markets and industries ranging from safety and egress solutions, drug delivery, renewable energy and even the healthfulness of the tattoo industry.

Is “disruptive” an overused term?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a term that is overused and improperly applied - incremental improvements are good but not truly disruptive. Wiper blades that don’t streak, very good improvement but hardly disruptive.

Apple’s iPhone. Uber. Stealth technology. SpaceX. Each of these are great disruptive companies and once the word is out on some of our technologies, we are confident we’ll be among the list of true disruptors. We can tune lights to focus on circadian rhythms that can help plants grow better or dementia patients sleep longer. We have the world’s only non-carcinogenic tattoo ink that can also have its color turned off. We can reduce electricity and air conditioning demand in the hottest climates.

What is your greatest need moving forward?

Most of our companies are running lean, and as we quickly grow we will need to add more great staff across the spectrum of roles, from administrative, finance and scientist positions to great executives and international and domestic sales and marketing leaders. Please visit our Recruitment section to see some of our openings.

Why did you change your name from Performance Indicator?

It’s hard to give up our heritage but as the range of our offerings changed so dramatically, we were inspired to rebrand after reading about the bamboo plant. Each of our companies has been named after some connection to the bamboo family of plants. For example, nygra bamboo thrives in nearly any climate. That inspired our own Nygra Coatings, as we can help people thrive in harsh climates by reflecting the IR radiation of the sun away from their home. Even INQUE, our tattoo ink that can be “turned off” has a bamboo heritage, as the very first tattoos were applied using bamboo needles.

What areas of science do you specialize in?

Many of the great discoveries within each of the sciences have already happened. It is our belief that the next frontier of monumental discoveries is at the intersection of multiple sciences, that is, integrating across sciences and engineering.

LED Lighting: Light produced from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as opposed to bulbs. Compared to conventional offerings like incandescent or halogen lightbulbs, LEDs are more efficient at turning energy into light. Bambu’s Aurea Lighting dramatically increases this efficiency while providing the ability to tailor the color of the light to your preferences.

Photoluminescence (PL): Refers to light emitted after the absorption of photons. For example, a photoluminescent exit sign will look normal in daylight, and constantly be absorbing light from the surrounding environment. When the lights go out, the absorbed energy is re-emitted as light energy by the sign, illuminating the sign and its surrounding area.

Persistent Phosphor: Phosphor that emits a glow after excitation from visible light has ceased. This means that when the lights go out, the phosphors will still glow consistently for an extended period of time. Bambu Way’s photoluminescent applications all use persistent phosphor technology.

Safety & Egress: Refers to both the industry and the applications therein of safely and easily navigating pre-determined pathways during emergency situations. For example, if a building experiences a power outage or a fire and occupants must evacuate immediately, the means of egress must be well-defined (via signage, lighting, etc.) in order to facilitate a smooth and safe exit for everyone. Bambu Way’s PL technology has extensive application potential for safety & egress indicators.

Wayfinding: Refers to all the ways people orient themselves to “find their way” and navigate from place to place. Bambu Way’s PL technology has great potential in wayfinding applications.

Permanent Makeup (PMU): A cosmetic application that uses tattoos to produce designs that resemble makeup. Bambu’s INQUE is adapting its groundbreaking tattoo technology to pioneer PMU products with one of the world’s leading PMU companies.

Cool Paint: Refers to paints composed of thermally-reflective materials that block heat radiation, thereby lowering the temperature of the applied surface. When applied to buildings, cool paint not only lowers the external temperature of the painted walls, but overall the internal temperature as well. Bambu’s Nygra Coatings produces a cool paint with outstanding energy saving capabilities and the widest color palette on the market.

Tumor Ablation: A minimally invasive surgical method to treat cancer. Highly-specialized “probes” latch onto the cancer cells, and can be remotely stimulated to destroy the cancer cells without harming any other areas of the body. Bambu’s Tabashir Health is currently developing revolutionary new tumor ablation technology.

Dynamic Camouflage: Camouflage technology that adapts to match the appearance of its environment in real time. Pre-set patterns for specific terrains are able to swiftly modulate from a lighter pattern (for open/sparsely populated environments) to a darker pattern (for environments with thicker vegetation, more shadows, etc.). Bambu’s Canopy Defense is currently testing its dynamic camouflage technology for military applications.

Identification Friend or Foe (IFF): Identification system that enables the viewer to determine whether the combatants in sight are friendly or enemy units. Bambu’s Canopy Defense produces several IFF solutions that can be deployed in both the visible and invisible spectra.

Electromagnetic Energy: Refers to the waves of the electromagnetic field, emitted by electrically charged particles undergoing acceleration. Bambu’s vast array of expertise has led to technologies capable of comprehensive modulation of the electromagnetic spectrum, primarily through absorption, emission, reflection, and interference.

Materials Science: The design and discovery of new materials. Bambu’s deep technical background in chemistry and physics have led to insightful innovations in materials science, and products composed of materials unique to Bambu.

Bambu’s origins are rooted in color changing technology, and through years of innovation we have cultivated a vast array of technologies capable of total modulation of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Simply put, we create dynamic effects involving color and light – both visible and invisible.

With a unique blend of expertise in chemistry, physics, and advanced materials science, Bambu is poised to deliver groundbreaking products across a diverse group of target markets. Our aim is to disrupt the industries we serve with technologies that are healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient.

Learn more about our core technologies here:

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World-class expertise and a wealth of experience make up our seasoned team.

Robb Osinski

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Robb Osinski, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Summary of Experience

Robb J. Osinski is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bambu Global LLC. Under his leadership, Bambu (previously Performance Indicator, LLC) earned the distinction of being one of Inc. Magazine’s top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies. Mr. Osinski co-founded the company in 2001.

In 1997, Mr. Osinski co-founded Performance Dynamics, LLC, PI’s predecessor, after launching a real estate development company that, from 1992 through 1996, acquired, successfully stabilized, and managed several marque properties in downtown Boston.

From 1986 through 1994, Mr. Osinski pioneered mortgage banking in New England. He was one of the principals who developed and operated one of the largest one-to-four family residential mortgage lenders in the region, where he employed his financial and management skills and developed an extensive knowledge of mortgage-backed securitization, investment banking, and corporate and real estate law. During his tenure at First Eastern BankShares Corporation, he coordinated the acquisition of a local downtown Boston thrift, restructured the corporation to not only sustain significant growth but also survive the cyclical downturn that devastated the competition, and developed a reputation for successfully negotiating the disposition of over $30 million of recourse loan servicing liability. While one of the youngest recognized bank executives in the region, he left First Eastern as Executive Vice President and Director of four companies, including the First Federal Savings Bank of Boston, where he was President, to pursue his passion and devote his full effort toward real estate investments and new corporate startup opportunities.

Prior to joining First Eastern, he managed a $300 million mortgage banking warehouse portfolio at Bank of Boston, where he also developed the bank’s first Federal Reserve cash availability program, which saved the institution millions of dollars in lost float interest each week and was utilized daily by the bank for over one decade. While attaining his education, Mr. Osinski operated his own contracting company. He holds several distinctions in technology development, banking, real estate, and construction management. Mr. Osinski earned an A.B. in Economics, cum laude, from Harvard College and is a graduate of Saint John’s Preparatory School in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Satish Agrawal

Chief Technology Officer

Satish Agrawal, Chief Technology Officer

Summary of Experience

Dr. Satish Agrawal serves as Chief Technology Officer of Bambu Global. Prior to joining Bambu (previously Performance Indicator, LLC) in January 2004, Dr. Agrawal was an Imaging Consultant and had previously founded and eventually sold SiPix Imaging, Inc.

During his 14 year tenure, Dr. Agrawal has led a team of scientists & engineers to create four technology platforms, each of which can create multiple products for a variety of industries. Some notable examples are: high-efficiency LED lighting for industrial, residential, commercial & horticultural applications; novel tattoo ink (full color-CMYK) imaging system with, as desired, painless color eradication; high persistence full color spectrum photo luminescent products for use in emergency egress, nighttime helicopter landings, real estate, signage, billboards, textiles etc.; multitude of defense applications such as signature management and covert information processing.

Dr. Agrawal spent approximately 30 years at Polaroid as their Group Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. At Polaroid, Dr. Agrawal’s activities embraced the entire spectrum of product development activity from formulation of business strategy, to development, manufacturing, and product launch for all Polaroid’s businesses and regions. At Polaroid, Dr Agrawal managed an R & D Budget of $250 Million and an R&D team of 2,000 people, comprising 150 Ph.Ds. Notable amongst his accomplishments was the development of the only other Instant Photographic Technology Platform which has formed the foundation of every instant product since the mid-1980s. He coordinates all aspects of the Bambu technology development activities and intellectual property estate management.